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Linda served 36yrs as a dance professor and Dance Department Chair at Hope College.

For 40+ years she has educated dancers of all ages in multiple states and institutions, companies and studios. She excels in teaching Adult Ballet and Historical Social Dance, and enjoys producing and choreographing Balles and Madrigal Dinners.

She is experienced in teaching multiple dance techniques and theory courses, developing lectures on topics related to life post-graduation, dance history, pedagogy, arts in the liberal arts, dance as an antidote for loneliness and as a means to  to cultivate empathy, how lessons learned from working with animals enhances the ability to work with humans, and more! 





1983-2019: Faculty of Hope College in Holland, MI

Tenured Professor, Department Chair fall 2004 – spring 2015

1995- 2005: Choreographer & Modern Instructor for Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.

1986- 2003: Guest or Summer Modern Dance Instructor for Grand Rapids Ballet

1979 – 1981: Teaching Assistant in Modern and Jazz, University of Illinois

Guest Instructor/presenter for the Michigan Dance Council, Michigan Association of Health. Physical Education, Recreation & Dance and American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, National Dance Educator’s Organization, National Association of Schools

Teaching Duties at Hope:


All levels of Jazz and Ballet including Pointe


Folk-social-square dance

Theory / Technique

Historical Social Dance: Reconstruction

Independent Studies in Advanced Historical Social Dance Reconstruction:

Accompaniment for Dance (ear training for dancers)


Dance History Survey

Career Skills and Personal Management


First-year Seminar/ General Education: “The Extraordinary Behind the Ordinary: Understanding Patterns.” team-taught with Math Prof. Mary DeYoung (Math)  

Senior Seminar: Leap of Faith

Senior Seminar: Leap of Faith - Paris May Term

Independent Studies in specialized areas

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