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BeSpoke Virtual Cards

Every morning I wake up grateful to be retired [OMG 2020!!!] . Instead of teaching an 8:30am ballet class, I've had the chance to explore IMovie, where I find I can use my choreographic skills to create image-based dynamic narratives that share a story, experience, or simply celebrate an event. I can do this without sharing physical space with other humans [by-passing Covid-19, space reservations, scheduling humans, coordinating, managing or otherwise communicating - for an introvert, this is a dream come true]. However, being old and tech-impaired [it's all dark magic], this has been both frustrating & a hoot; I need practice. I've already shared a few IMovie explorations on this blog site, but, with my son's permission, am sharing one today that has a more personal story to tell. I created this BeSpoke Virtual Card for Jake's recent birthday. Intended to be a reflection & a little bit of a scrapbook, it celebrates & honors his life & accomplishments while looking forward to a fulfilling future [HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!! SO HAPPY YOU WERE BORN!!]. If you are interested in having one of these created for someone / some event, I'd love to chat with you. I enjoy creating them, and would like to explore developing these projects further to see if they may be useful for others.

[special thanks to Jordan Eagle for the inspiring title: "BeSpoke Virtual Cards" - thanks Jordan!]

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