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BASIC BALLET BARN BARRE for the mature rider

Updated: May 22, 2020

April 5, 2020

Are you a Sequestered Equestrian in search of a workout that will complement your riding without damaging your ego? Check out these video clips! Informative, fun, and unpublished due to music copyright concerns, they are "unlisted" but YOU can find them at the respective links. They are there to help - adjust as needed for your body, limits and needs. Enjoy!


An introduction to an option for older dressage riders interested in a workout combining yoga, classical ballet & basic strengthening/stretch exercises with integrated concepts directly applicable to dressage.

Barn exercise 1st day preparation

Preparing for the Sequestered Equestrian workout for dressage riders of a certain age.

Barn ex pre-warmup

A warm-up for the warm up for older female Sequestered Equestrians

Barn basics yoga warm-up

Warming up large muscle groups and some gentle active stretches for the Sequestered Equestrian

Intro to Ballet Barn Ballet Barre

A nerdy introduction to a Basic Ballet Barre for Sequestered Equestrians: history, basic movement concepts & language are addressed

Basic Barn Ballet Barre Pt. 1

Basic Barn Ballet April 2, 2020 pre-barre, plies, slow tendu, degage

Basic Barn Ballet Barre Pt. 2

The conclusion of the Barn Ballet Barre for Sequestered Equestrians grand battement and post barre boogie

Basic Barn Ballet Barre post-barre strengthening exercises

3 post-barre strengthening exercises, a useful stretch, and some Lucca outtakes

Basic Ballet Barn Barre #2 – pt 1: plies, slow & quick tendu

Music by the amazing Joe Cross

Basic Ballet Barn Barre #2 - pt 2: degage, rond de jambe, frappe, stretch, grand battement, closing

Music by Joe Cross (da best!)

BBBB #3 pt 1: pre-warm up, plies, slow tendu

Music: Jonathan Hancock

BBBB #3 pt 2: quick tendu, degage, rond de jambe, stretch

Music: Jonathan Hancock

BBBB #3 pt 3: frappe, grand battements, closing

Music: Jonathan Hancock

Basic Ballet Barn Barre #3: stretch sequence pt. 1:

Basic Ballet Barn Barre 3: Stretch Pt. 2:

Basic Ballet Barn Barre #3: Stretch: pt. 2 expanded stretch option:

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