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EveryDay Dances, LLC

EveryDay Dances

Fostering Connection, Creativity and Curiosity through embodied movement art experiences.

Exploring the  

intersection of movement as communication between humans and animals, the history of and benefits of training to illuminate communication, and dance / movement as a means to tell stories, cultivate imagination, empower individuals and transform communities.

40 yrs of experience in dance teaching & choreography professionally & in higher education.

Specialities include teaching Ballet (with a focus on adult ballet) & Historical Social Dance.

Experienced in Renaissance, Baroque, Vintage 19th century ballroom reconstruction, choreography for theatre, musicals, opera, historical events/experiences i.e. madrigals, concert / performance (company and/or studio) & community experiences such as site-specific works, weddings, and flash mobs with dogs and/or horses.


What Linda Does


Choreographed, performed, produced and toured 140+ original works, working with higher education, professional companies, studios,  operas, musicals, flash mobs & community ensemble events, site-specific works.

Community Work

Extensive community involvement includes choreographed/produced  flash mobs, site-works, liturgical dance and events with dogs and horses.


Significant presentation experience as a lecturer/presenter for Hope College and other academic and professional organizations.


Served 36yrs as a dance professor and Dance Department Chair for Hope College.


Dedicated to the preservation and understanding of dance and dance history through research and kinesthetic experiences. 

Past Projects

A visual exploration of Linda's passions and talents.


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